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your eyes will find me
your eyes will find me

Doesn’t matter that it’s the night
The bright stars aren’t bright
I did know from the start
your eyes will find me

Have I seen things to come
living in this marble trap
waiting for the dogs to hunt me down

Am I that mistaken man?
Who can stand this much pain?
In my hands the dust and sand
telling time to come down
Until the time falls down

I remember sweet refrains
I sing along the best i can
When your eyes
Oh, when your eyes
Oh, when those eyes will find me

Your eyes will chase me
Your eyes will find me

On that final counting day
I’ll still be mistaken man
now i’m ready for my fate
light me up and take me down

Set your dogs loose on me
I am silver bullet, werewolf’s fate
I am judgement to myself
when your eyes
oh when your eyes

when they trace me
when they catch me